Photo Album - 1960's

LMS 4-6-2 Express engine
Southern Pacific 4-6-2 locomotive.

This 4-6-2 loco is Mr Sinclair-Smiths Southern pacific in 3 1/2"gauge winner of loco trials 1961
1960 Freelance 0-6-0T
Freelance 0-6-0T

We think this loco is named 'EVA MAY', this is a 5" gauge locomotive design which was called 'Pioneer'. This was serialized in the Model Engineer magazine in the 1930's.
4-6-4T Halton tank
4-6-4 Tank Locomotive

Where the photograph was taken is unknown as it is not at Thames Ditton site as the raised track construction is wrong. It could possibly be at the Beverley Park site at New Malden. However at the time of writing we are note sure (August 2006).

It could possibly be 'Cardean' which was owned by Harry Amey.

Halton Tank locomotive

4-6-4 Halton Tank locomotive

Another interesting photograph fro the 1960's, this show Mr Wheeler showing a young Martin Horwell how to get the locomotive ready for the next run.

Unfortunately Mr Wheeler is no longer with us nor is the locomotive, however Martin Horwell is still an active member of the society,

I would suggest this just proves that small boys who want to be engine driver when they grow up often manage to achieve their ambition. 

The picture is pre 1967 as the engine is seen on the old raised track.

GNR 4-4-2 No. 251  with Tom Snoxel its builder driving

GNR 4-4-2 No 251
Ivatt introduced the 4-4-2 Atlantic type to Britain with his 'Klondike' (LNER C2) type in 1898. In December 1902, he built No. 251 by adapting the design and increasing the boiler diameter from 4ft 8in to 5ft 6in. The GNR classified both types as C1, but the LNER classified the large boiler variation as C1 and the small boiler variation as C2.

This model was built by Tom Snoxell in the mid 1950's, it is seen here crossing the level crossing with a passenger train The owner and builder Tom Snoxell is driving the locomotive.

GNR 4-4-2 No.251 cab view

GNR 4-4-2 No 251
Ivatt strongly believed that a locomotive's success depended on its capacity to boil water, hence he gave the C1s a large (for the time) boiler and firebox. Although the boiler was large, there was not a corresponding increase in cylinder size

This model was built by Tom Snoxell in the mid 1950's, here is a rear view of the cab of the locomotive.

GWR 4-6-0 County of Chester

GWR 4-6-0 'County of Chester' No.1011

This locomotive was built by Les Clarke in the mid 1950's 

Full sized Built 1945-47, Designed by Frederick W. Hawksworth. Total number built 30. Introduced August 1945. Boiler pressure subsequently reduced to 250lb/sq in. All fitted with double chimney from 1955. Classification 6MT.

G.W.R 4-6-0 'Mere Hall'

GWR 4-6-0 Mere Hall No. 7195

We think this is owner / driver Bobby Jones driving the locomotive. 

This locomotive originated from Greywood Railway originally located at Walton on Thames, and built in 1952 this locomotive is now located elesewere and owned by Mr Richard Stokes for the last 35 years.. 

Felix 0-4-0T
0-4-0T Locomotive Felix 

more details to follow
LMS 0-6-0 1831
LMS 0-6-0 Diesel Locomotive 1831 

more details to follow
LMS 0-6-0T 7160

LMS 0-6-0 No 7160

A typical dock shunting engine in 7¼" gauge


more details to follow for model.

LNE 4-4-0 

We currently think this is a visiting locomotive, it is seen in Willowbank station siding during the 1960 period. 

Unfortunately as the locomotive appears to be a visitor not much is known about the locomotive.
LMS 6299 Duchess of Buchleigh in 3.5" scale

LMS 4-6-2 Duchess of Buccleuch No.6299
This photograph shows Mr.Cyril East's 3½" gauge 
4 cylinder 4-6-2 pacific loco "Duchess of Buccleuch". This model won both the Model Engineer championship award in 1956 and the Crebbin Cup for an outstanding model locomotive.

This locomotive and its builder / driver featured in BBC Television documentary 24hours with Fife Robinson. 

It is now is now part of the National Railway Museum collection at York

Raised track engines
Raised track engines

This photograph shows Mr R Shortland with his locomotive named Netta

We are still trying to work out the locomotive nearest the camera.

GNR 4-4-2 251 in 3.5" gauge
GNR 4-4-2 No. 251 
This locomotive was built by the late Pat Hamilton a very active member of Malden. The locomotive was finished in 1967.

The locomotive is still seen from time to time at Malden as it is now owned by another long standing member.
Wheeler Bros Halton Tank 4-6-4T

Halton Tank 4-6-4T

Built and owned by the Wheeler Brothers seen running on the original raised track at Malden. This makes the picture pre 1967.


SR 2-6-0 Mogul 5279

Geoff Evans attending to the fire between runs at Willowbank station.

The locomotive was built by George Smith

SR 2-6-0 Mogul 5259 departing Willowbank

SR 2-6-0 Mogul 5259 departing Willowbank

Geoff Evans driving 5259 with a group of passenger starting their journey.

The locomotive was built by George Smith in the mid 1950's.

SR 2-6-0 Mogul 5259

SR 2-6-0 Mogul 5259

The loco is seen here waiting it's next turn of duty
Built by George Smith.

Willowbank Station on a busy track day

Willowbank station busy with trains and people 

The train on the left hand side of the picture is on the main line and does not stop at the station, Geoff Webb is the driver on this train, we think the locomotive is Tom Snoxells GNR 4-4-2 No.251

The train in the station is possibly Bobby Jones GWR 4-6-0 Mere Hall 

Willowbank station waiting for trains

Willowbank station waiting for trains

The originally signal box is on the left hand side opposite the platform and the original ticket office and ice cream parlour is the building in the right background.

Notice the lack of any fencing except for the platform fencing.

We think this picture was taken before the original signal box was commissioned as there appears to be no point roding from the signal box to the points.

GWR 0-4-2T

BRIDGET type loco 0-4-2T

more details to follow

Freelance 0-4-2T

BRIDGET type loco 0-4-2T

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