Membership Enquiry

The society has a Coronavirus (COVID-19) policy and risk assessment in place and we are a COVID-SECURE site.


The railway is operated entirely by its members and volunteers. Members' ages ranges enormously, from 14 to 99 years, so don't let age be your deciding factor. Come and see if our club is right for you.

We welcome prospective members and we offer a guided tour of the society outside of public running times.
To request a guided tour please use the Membership Enquiries button.


Members Weekly Events

Sunday - Day time

Working members are at the site every Sunday of the year from 10:00am onwards till approximately 18:00 either running or maintaining the railway and its facilities. Currently around 25 members meet regularly. Traditionally members bring a tin of soup for lunch on a bring and share basis.

Tuesday - Day time

This is when the clubs retired members meets, this is known as the 'SAGA' working group, they meet between 10am till 4pm at the Societies HQ. Currently around 10 members meet regularly doing all those essential job that help the society function normally.

Wednesday - Day time

This is when the Workshop class group meet, this is a formal engineering class with a workshop tutor. The class runs from 13:00 has through to 21:00 hrs. Members meet to peruse their own model engineering projects. anything from live steam to internal combustion engines. Further information is located in the Workshop web page. There is a waiting list please contact Len or Francis to join it.

Friday - Day time

A small group of around 4-5 people are meeting during the day on Friday, working on the signalling system projects.

Track Days / Public open days

The railway opens to the public on the first Sunday of the month and all bank holidays from Easter until October inclusive, and we also run a December Santa Special. It takes about 40 plus members to operate the railway.

Staff Welfare: The club looks after its members when they are volunteering, be that tea, biscuits and other light refreshments. BBQ's happen on every Bank Holiday Sunday.

Membership Fees for 2020/21 season

Membership year is 1st September till 31st August
Type of membership Application at other
times of year
Application between
1 March and 31 May
Standard Membership
A person aged 18 and above
£ 65.00* £ 40.00*
Family Membership
A person aged 18 and above, plus Partner over 18,
if there is one,and any children under 18 † (Associates)
£ 65.00* £ 40.00*
Discounted Member
A person who does not have any Associate Members
connected with their Membership and meets any one of the following criteria:-
  • is a full time student not in full time employment
  • is 65 or over at the age of next renewal
  • lives outside a 20 mile radius of the Society's Site
£ 40.00* £ 27.50*
Junior Membership
For 14 - 17 years
£ 25.00  £ 25.00 

'*' The fee includes the one-off cost of a share (price £15.00) that has to be purchased with this type of membership. The share cost does not occour on subsequent renewals


The objectives of the Society is to:-

Be a society for the purpose of bringing together people interested in the construction of models, tools and apparatus.
Maintain an active membership - currently around 260 members.
Run and maintaining it's two miniature live steam railways.

To achieve this the Society :-

Provide workshop facilities for the construction and running of the railway,
Provide workshop for building and maintaining steam & electric locomotives, traction engines, steam boats,
and other models for experimental and other purposes.
Provides the railway and its facilities for running of members Steam & Electric and other locomotives, 
Provides reference library of engineering; model engineering & miniature engineering books. 
Fosters mutual contacts with other clubs and societies.
Promotes social activities, mutual assistance and co-operation between its members.
Promotes lectures, talks and films on model engineering and associated subjects.
Promote a public awareness of the society locally via pamphlets and by the internet.