Signalling at Hampton Court Junction

Westinghouse Lever frame header picture
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The Signal Box building is nearly finished. It has been erected at Hampton Court Junction to operate the junction complex which include locomotive sheds and carriage shed. We are currently installing the lever frame, this has involved a lot of reconditioning as a great many parts were very very rusty. As you can appreciate this all takes time to achieve. We have also had to manufacture a lot of missing parts from scratch for the locking..

The track and signalling should cater for the current, and predicted future, operational needs.
The signal box and signalling equipment should be installed ready to accept any future extension of the railway.

Safety requirements:
     Trains must be operated safely.
     Trains must be operated efficiently.
     A single signalman must be in control of all movements.
     Standard principals for train working and signalling will be employed.

The following operational needs have been identified:-

     The ability to run passenger trains through the junction including North Pole Station.
     The facility to allow the locomotive to be detached, leaving the coaching stock in the station or loop lines.
     The ability to run the passenger or empty trains to and from the station.
     The ability to run empty passenger to and from carriage sheds.

     The facility to cross passenger trains at North Pole Station.
     Connections into the Carriage Sheds to allow trains to be shunted or stabled there.
     North Pole gives an additional passenger line which allows greater operational flexibility,
     Provide a stabling point for trains and give the appearance of double track from the station.
     Installation of equipment should take into account potential future plans.