GDPR External Policy Notice

Malden and District Society Model Engineers Ltd
Data Protection Policy 

The Data Protection Bill 2018 embodies the requirements of the EU General Directive on Data Protection and comes/came into force on 25 May 2018

This document describes our approach to the protection of your personal data as required by law

This Society is a micro organisation and is entitled to use the derogations for micro organisations as set out in the law.

We keep a record of the people with whom we deal by way of trade, as customer, member, or supplier.  The information that is provided to us is the free choice of the person providing the data and is necessary so that we may contact that person in relation to the activities or roles the person undertakes in relation to our own activities or roles.  Where the information is provided by a third party, that party is operating as a proxy for the person concerned and they pass us personal information, then we require that they only do so with that person's consent.  This information is then held as part of our legitimate interest or contract administration in dealing with that person or the organisation which they represent.  We shall retain this information only for so long as may be required for legal, and audit purposes, or the specific purpose for which it was provided.

Information that is held as our legitimate interest cannot be removed by your request, but you may request to see it by following the process and security requirements as set down by law.  If there is an error of fact you may ask us to correct our records.

Please visit the Contact us section of our website for directions on how to make your data disclosure request to our committee member with lead data protection responsibility.

Our website creates a record of your activities for the purposes of technical support and maintenance, and where required for important historical or legal purposes.  Activity is monitored to identify potential abuse and this may lead to your access to the website being suspended.

As a member of the society, we keep information about you to support you as a member, manage your financial transactions, support the operation of society activities and for health and safety records

As a member of the public, we keep information about you only when it is provided for the purposes of supporting transactions you make with us and on days when we are not generally open to the public, of your attendance on site.

The above information is classed as our legitimate interest.  If you do not provide it we regret that we cannot do business with you or allow you onto premises controlled by us except when open to the public.

We keep personal information about any person who contacts us for any reason as the decision by you to contact us requires we retain your personal details so we may respond and maintain a record of that response.

We have procedures to ensure the timely removal of this data but you do not have the right to require the removal of this data at an earlier date.

If you provide us suitable proof of your identity at the time, you may request a copy of the information we hold about you.  It will be delivered to you elecrtonically.  You may request we consider corrections you feel are necessary.

Please contact our committee member with lead data protection responsibility if you wish to see the data we hold about you.

Where we exchange money with you we may obtain details related to your bank, payment card or service.  These are part of our accounting records for you.  You may request that we no longer use the details we have on file.

We do not receive personal data from external parties.  If this situation shall change in the future we will review our Data Protection Policy.

We are affiiliated to the SFMES.  We do not share personal data from our records with the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies. We will share with them your details using our website email address, our surface mailing address and our telephone numbers.

If you are involved in boiler testing as examiner or as owner/carer of a boiler being tested, the records thereof are completed by us for and on behalf of the SFMES and we shall retain a copy of this information in case you, the boiler testers or the duty officer needs to refer to it .